(Poem) Sands of Time.

Sands of Time

A little by little I fade away every day,
As my dreams and desires perish along the way.
I struggle to seize the days but then the hours slip by,
Each day I live a lie hoping that I would not die.
I toil to exploit the hours yet the minutes pass by,
As I gather my measly good deeds, I lament for I have no alibi.
I rush to grab the minutes yet the seconds drift by,
Reveling in sin, satisfying every whim, I had let my spirit soar high.

But an epiphany from above is all I needed to up my game,
Took it all in my stride and since then I’ve never been the same.
To cherish each fleeting moment did my heart truly crave,

Shook myself out of the reverie for I was inching closer to my grave.
Blinded by the glitz and glamour of life, I had briefly lost sight of my aim,
From amidst the darkness of the soul, my true shine I am ready to reclaim.
The world is my oyster now so I pick myself up and start all over again,

For its time to be sensible and sane and not to dwell anymore on past pain.

So, I vow to transform my existence from the ridiculous to the sublime,
And to not depart from here until I have left my mark on the sands of time

17 thoughts on “(Poem) Sands of Time.

  1. ayeshyy says:

    MashaAllah, Allahumma Barek 🧡🧡
    Intensely beautiful and thought provoking. How true that we are after the bigger unit of time and the little moments just slip by and drift away.


  2. K.T. Lynn says:

    Chilling but also beautiful! This is wonderful writing. You’ve captured exactly how I feel sometimes, spending a lot of time/energy on certain projects and for what? this worldly life? Jazak’Allah khair for the necessary reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

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