(Article) Allah (SWT) loves us!

In life, sometimes we hit rock bottom and go thru this awful phase, when even our loved ones fail to understand us. Or we find ourselves thrown into frequent trials and begin to ponder that maybe Allah (SWT) is also displeased with us and that’s why we are undergoing this pain.

It’s during these times of darkness when our whole world seems to be falling apart that Allah(SWT) assures us of His unfailing love, in totally unexpected and unfathomable ways.

When Allah (SWT) loves a person, people will also love him and he will be loved on earth, as is mentioned in this wonderful hadith, “When Allah loves a slave, He says to Jibreel, “I love so-and-so, so love him”, so Jibreel loves him and then calls out to the people of heaven, “Allah loves so-and-so, so love him”, and the people of heaven love him, and then acceptance is placed in the Earth for him”.

This hadith truly puts things into perspective and drives the point home that instead of chasing the creation we should strive to gain the love of , Al Wadud .

Recall those instances in your life when you were truly heartbroken and stuck in a challenging situation, for instance when your car broke down or when you lost your wallet or phone and desperately called out to your Lord for relief.

And suddenly out of nowhere, like straight out of the movies some kind stranger walks in and offers to help you and you sit there completely stumped . This is nothing but sheer manifestation of His mercy and love, for He, Al-Mujeeb never forsakes his slaves and always responds to their needs.

And reminisce the moment, when you were rescued from a major calamity or accident or an impending loss that could have completely shattered you and that which the Ar-Rahman salvaged you from only due to His mercy. For Allah (SWT) says in the Quran, that which has to hit you will never miss you ….

How could we forget all those duas that seemingly went unanswered but in truth were replaced by something much greater and much better than we could ever imagine? How could our hearts not cry out with gratitude, for the Al-Hakim blessed us with only what we needed rather than what our hearts desired for.

Our hearts would indeed melt, if we would reflect on how Allah (SWT) handles our affairs.  He is Al-Wadud – the most Loving, Kind, Compassionate, and Gentle one, He cares and loves us and even in our most difficult trials and He certainly grants us ease. 

Let us constantly seek out His love coz it’s the only love we truly need.

“Allahumma inna nas’aluka hubbak, wa hubba man yuhibbuk. Wa hubba `amalin yuqarribuna ila hubbik”.

[Oh Allah I ask you for your love, and the love of those whom you love and the love of those actions which will bring me closer to your love].


Allah loves us❤️

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