(Article) How Surah Maryam became my Spiritual Epidural during pregnancy

We all have read and come across the story of Maryam (عليها السلام). I always related to her as Mother Mary more than Maryam (عليها السلام) during my childhood as I had a lot of Christian friends.

But the first time I actually read Surah Maryam and connected with her story was during my pregnancy.

After my miscarriage during my second pregnancy like most Muslim women do I started reciting Surah Maryam. Initially I would recite this Surah to help me get thru the mood swings and tough days.

I was all alone with my husband in a foreign land managing work plus pregnancy. I had no one to help me out and only wished to go back home and be pampered at my mom’s place. But unfortunately I couldn’t travel back due to work and to make things worse my mother couldn’t even travel for my delivery as she was traveling for hajj that year.

So here I was all alone and distraught as I would have no one for moral support during the most important event of my life.

Men weren’t allowed in labor area so I had to arrange for my mil to come in the last minute. But it wasn’t the same I had a tough 20+ hours prolonged Labor. My baby just refused to come out and I was screaming and crying in pain all thru my labor.

Just before my delivery I had mentally prepared myself for this moment of loneliness.

Every time I felt helpless I would think about Maryam (عليها السلام) and how she was all alone and survived her pregnancy and delivery all on her own by Allah’s grace .

I am just a normal woman but every time I read her story in the Quran it gave me strength and hope. I would tell myself I need to put my Tawakkul in Allah like Maryam (عليها السلام).

As I went thru those highly stressful moments during my labor- when the doctors told me after 20 hours of excruciating pain that delivery was high risk and the baby was going into distress & that I might have to go for c-section if the baby didn’t come out soon, I just thought of how Maryam (عليها السلام ) cried out to Allah(SWT) during labor and how Allah (SWT) granted her ease.

Surah  Maryam

So, to every Muslim sister who is lonely during her pregnancy, labor and has no one to help post-partum I highly recommend that you read this Surah with meaning and tafseer to learn about the strength, the courage and faith that Maryam (عليها السلام) epitomized.

No wonder she is one amongst the women of Jannah and considered the greatest amongst the women of the world.

Maryam    In  Quran

3 thoughts on “(Article) How Surah Maryam became my Spiritual Epidural during pregnancy

  1. Heena Parker says:

    This is exactly what I experienced too! Even I stay away from my parents and had no one with me during my first pregnancy. It is this incident that taught me to rely completely on Allah swt.

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