(Poem) Ramadan is Here!

Ahlan Ya Ramadan

Wake up and thank Allah for Ramadan is here,

A month of glory that makes Shaytan run with fear.

Gear up, to fast, pray and give all that you can,

For a month to all that is frivolous put a ban.

Open the doors of your hearts and your homes,

Bring out the lanterns and light up the domes.

Reach out to your pockets and loosen your purses,

Speak no evil and put a stop to gossip and curses.

Now is the time to amass all the good deeds,

To break bad habits and plant beneficial seeds.

Pour your heart out as you bow down in Sujood,

Get all you prayers answered at the time of Tahjwud.

Revive all the Sunnahs and reconnect with the Quran,

Allah has given us a golden chance to boost our Imaan.

To cleanse our bodies as well as rejuvenate our spirits,

Thirty days of mercy when even the less devout benefit.

It’s the time to mend old rifts and frayed relationships,

To spend the nights in reflection and days in worship.

It’s a harbinger of happiness and blessings in abundance,

And prepares us for the year ahead on spiritual endurance.

So slow down, focus on your Akhirah and put Dunya aside,

For a while repress your nafs and let Allah be your guide.

Ahlan ya Ramadan, our hearts are longing to conform,

Illuminate our lives, you are our best excuse for total reform.


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