(Article) The Art of Giving


Islam encourages us to give and share our blessings with others. How does one learn to give without expecting anything in return? It is only possible to do so if we believe in a higher purpose and do it sincerely only with the intention to please Allah (SWT).

The first thing that crosses our mind when we talk about giving, is a nicely wrapped gift or some materialistic, tangible object. However, Islam emphasizes that any act of kindness is an act of charity and that we will be rewarded for it. So, it is not necessary that we only consider giving away things that we don’t need or use any more or stuff that we think would benefit others. But we could also give our time, patience, an affectionate touch, a smile, a hug, a sincere piece of much needed advice, a word of encouragement or at the least we could lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear to ease someone’s troubles. All it takes is an empathetic heart and a pure and genuine intention to help others.


Let’s take inspiration from the epitome of kindness, our beloved Prophet(عليه السلام) and pledge to do all we can, to make a contribution no matter how small, to create an opportunity for others, to heal someone’s wounds and to bring that smile back on someone’s face. Islam teaches us to be merciful to all including parents, neighbors, strangers, animals and the environment. Let’s fight back our nafs which constantly drives us to be selfish and cleanse our heart of all evil. Let us raise the bar and resolve to accomplish at least one act of compassion each day. With unadulterated intentions and without any ulterior motives, let us perform good deeds only with the aim to please Allah Almighty.

Lastly, thkidness1e Prophet (عليه السلام),  said, “He who is deprived of kindness is deprived of goodness.” (Sahih Muslim). Kindness is contagious and one small, act of compassion could make someone else’s day. Go ahead make yourself and others feel better.

In sha Allah may Allah(SWT) fill our hearts with love and mercy and may He accept our good deeds.


17 thoughts on “(Article) The Art of Giving

  1. thrifdeedubai says:

    Ameen! Such a lovely post reminding us of what’s expected! It’s hard to realise this should be an everyday occurrence but sadly the world is cold & heartless at times! I feel if we instil these values in children from an early age, the world would be a much nicer, kinder place!

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  2. mymodernhejab says:

    Lovely post! I have been trying to teach my daughter about giving to others. It’s so important for us to step away from our materialistic world to help those who need it. It feels sooo good! Some ideas that we do in our house:
    – My daughter came up with “Sandwiches for the Streets”. We made over 100 lunches and handed them out to homeless on the streets. Each lunch included a chicken sandwich, fruit, granola bar and a water.
    – I keep $5 Tim Horton’s gift cards in my car. If I see someone asking for money I give them that. Then I can ensure they will use the money for food. Also, gives them the chance to walk into the restaurant with dignity and get something to eat or drink. This is most important during our long cold winters in Canada.
    – When purging our clothes and toys, I tell my daughter that what she doesn’t need anymore will go to make another little girl happy. She loves that. Sometimes she includes a ziplock with some candy and treats too.

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    • Muslimah_MINA says:

      MashaAllah! Children follow by example and if we show them how to be generous then they will continue to do the same. Small and consistent acts such as the ones you mentioned above are what really count. May Allah accept and reward you both for the good work. BarakAllahu feekum!!


  3. usranaeem says:

    Ameen! Such a lovely lovely reminder for all of us. Giving is not about materialistic things, it’s more than that specially kindness is what we need to focus more on. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post💓 Totally loved it!


  4. Fozia S says:

    Kindness is something that I think is beginning to fade away….maybe I am just being pessimistic but generally it seems people are only bothered about themselves. Being kind doesn’t even cost anything and small acts also count! Thanks for the reminder

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    • Muslimah_MINA says:

      It’s true sister, I can totally relate to the way you feel sometimes we get really bogged down by people’s behavior and that is when we have to remind ourselves that whatever we do is only to please Allah(SWT). Also, you never know which good act could save us from the Hell fire.


  5. Farhana Sharmeen says:

    Alhamdulillah, I consistently give and receive random and planned acts of kindness all the time and made so many friends though this amazing gift- from doctor’s office to grocery store. What can I say, Allah(swt) is Ar Raheem :).

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  6. meemfay says:

    Love this❤️ I feel like even giving a smile to someone who’s having a bad day can be sooo helpful. The world would’ve such an amazing place if only we were more selfless. Our main purpose should be pleasing Allah and that’s all that matters

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