(Poem) Why I wear my Hijab?


At the peak of my womanhood I felt weak and incomplete,

My body yearned for attention and my soul sought constant validation.

Growing insecurities stripped away my sanctity and made me feel empty.

I tried every trick in the devil’s book to get a few admiring glances,

And lo! Got more than what I wished for and was badgered with lusty advances.

Modesty, honor and self-esteem were all sold for a paltry price,

My defiance to the Creator had thrust me into an abyss of vice.

After years of willed worldly slavery,

I turned to Him for solace and was enveloped by His infinite Mercy.

With gumption and grit I battled my inner turmoil.

And reclaimed my honor and finally obeyed His order.

I pulled my veil over and stepped out with grace,

As I bid adieu to my fashion obsessed days.

Snide remarks and hate comments, I brushed them aside,

Self-liberated I walk now with a feeling of pride.

Call me a ninja or loathe me at first sight,

Dare to pull my veil off and watch me transform into a dark knight.

My Hijab represents my identity and sets me apart from the crowd,

Without a shadow of doubt, will be happy to breathe my last in it and make it my shroud!

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