MINA is dedicated to fostering a strong connection between Muslimah influencers and aspiring followers from all walks of life. MINA is designed to be the go-to platform for women, trying to further their careers, education, personalities, business etc. At MINA, we provide a stimulating environment for all Muslimahs to exchange ideas, carry out healthy discussions and to build alliances and relationships with industry leaders and achievers from various spheres of life.

Our Vision

To inspire and connect an international and local community of ambitious entrepreneurial women who want to progress in their careers, enhance their skills and build their external networks through MINA’s insightful content, networking support and professional guidance and tips from industry experts and achievers.

What we do?

MINA helps our Muslimah Sisters to succeed in three ways:

  • Inspire Our aim is to identify and bring to the fore every woman who decides to chase her dreams and create a life she really wants, regardless of her circumstances we want to share and celebrate every successful Muslimah’s contributions and achievements with the rest of the community. 
  • Connect – We intend to build a strong sphere of inspiration where Muslimahs could achieve their highest potential with the support of others and create their own kind of success. At MINA, we provide a great platform for Muslimahs to engage with other women from diverse backgrounds and to establish formal and informal networks.
  • Empower We offer an opportunity for every Muslimah to learn, share, grow encourage and empower herself and others. At MINA, we will help our sisters build self-esteem, enhance their communication and presentation skills and help them gain new abilities that could enable them to pursue formal education, become entrepreneurs, or secure employment. We intend to harness the untapped but highly competent pool of talented Muslim women all over and help bring together like minded, innovative and dynamic women to create something really special.