(Poem) Let It Go!!


Let go of the negativity,

Bury your emotional insecurity.

Shrug off the deep dark thoughts,

And untangle those mental knots.

Face the fears and wipe away your tears,

Trash those memories that are holding you back since years.

Let go of all that you didn’t do right,

Focus on what matters as you have got a new story to write.

Take a deep breath and ditch the stress,

Now is the time to bask in your greatness.

Purge the shame and get rid of the guilt,

Seize the day and live your life to the hilt.

Let go of the hurt, the anger and the pain,

Embrace your flaws and stop being so vain.

Push back all that is holding you from being You,

Just rediscover yourself and start anew.

Walk away from that feeling of inadequacy,

For you are here to create a lasting legacy.

19 thoughts on “(Poem) Let It Go!!

  1. Meera says:

    ‘Push back all that is holding you from being you, Just rediscover yourself and start anew.’
    How true.! If we cannot be ourselves, what else can we be? how comfortable can we be? It could be hard to come out of our unwanted chains. but once we get rid of it, a better world is there to embrace. Wonderful poem, by the way.

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